Volvo Penta AQ171 A 2.5L DOHC 16 Valve Dual Overhead PZ Cams Long Block Engine

Up for sale is a nice condition Volvo Penta AQ171 A,  2.5L DOHC B230 B230F 16 Valve Dual Overhead PZ Cams, Engine Motor Stroker, A Complete long Block rotating assembly  . This is the Holy grail of Volvo Penta red block motors ,This is a complete Long Block (Complete block and 16 Valve Head rotating  assembly )  with 145+ compression in every cylinder, No Bent or Damaged Valves , No Rot or Corrosion , #4 exhaust and all other exhaust ports are excellent,  . These are the highest output 4 cylinders Volvo ever produced 167 HP stock , These have Forged Steel Crankshafts Mid Thrust Crankshaft ,  DOHC  16 Valve Cylinder  head 1000532 100533 Volvo Penta P/n 855510 Rpl 856528 designed for Volvo By Porsche  , The engine turns smoothly by hand despite the timing belt tensioner pulley needing to be replaced . 

 These are some of the most coveted 4 cylinder motors with volvo Streetcar crowd building these engines  supercharging , Fuel injecting injecting these things to produce well over 600 HP and staying together .This motor has No Bent Valves, All of these marine motors came with closed cooling Heat exchanger system Only engine coolant flows thru the engine no Salt water or lake water .  Freight Shipping or local pick up in North Port Fl. Bolt it in Get back on the Water......or street ! 

A couple of Notes , the tensioner bearing needs to be replaced it does not move . the oil cooler was causing some cross contamination with water and oil I did notice some water stains on the cams and a couple of spots of pitting . No water intrusion in any of the cylinders or water damage in any of the intake or exhaust ports . 

This motor can be assemble with your components to install in your car or boat as it sits , however I would Suggest going thru it completely before hand . The motor guaranteed to be as described ,  sold as is with no warranty 


If you have any questions feel free to Call us at 585-698-9118    (International 01+585-698-9118 )

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