Volvo Penta 250A / AQ151 C 2.5L Short Block 86MM forged crankshaft B230 Rear thrust

Up for  sale is the highly coveted excellent condition Volvo Penta 2.5L 250A AKA aq151C ,    B230 Short Block rotating assembly,  86MM forged Rear  thrust crankshaft , or  . Motor turns freely and smoothly by Hand , Oil was Dark , no metal and no water , Cylinder wall are in Decent condition some discoloration from moister some rough spots you would want to hone the cylinders and put in new rings at least , but you could probably build it as it sits  , that's up to you ! 

These are the most coveted 4 cylinder motors with volvo Streetcar crowd building these engines  Turbo charging, supercharging , Fuel injecting, nitrous these things to produce well over 600 HP and staying together . All of these Volvo Penta marine motors came with closed cooling Heat exchanger system Only engine coolant flows thru the engine no Salt water .  Freight Shipping or local pick up in North Port Fl.

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